iPhone Repair

Visalia and Tulare iPhone Repair

We provide quick and affordable iPhone repair services for nearly any iPhone model.  If your iPhone screen doesn’t work properly, the battery life drains quickly, your photos are out of focus or have blemishes, or you have trouble hearing during a call, our iPhone repair service can get your phone working as quickly as possible. Our services include battery replacement, charging port replacement, power button repair, rear and front camera repair, fixing headphone jacks, ear speaker replacement, microphone replacement, home button repair, and volume and mute button repair. We take great pride in providing speedy, quality iPhone repairs. We can do iPhone 5 repairs or iPhone 6 repairs along with iPhone 4 repairs. Visit our Visalia or Tulare location today!


Screen & LCD Replacement:
If your screen has wavy lines going through it, the screen has color bleeding, discoloration, the screen has bits of glass missing, and loss of touch sensitivity.
Battery Replacement:
If your battery is quickly charging and quickly draining, you are experiencing diminished battery life and having to charge hour phone more often.
Charging Port Replacement:
If your iPhone does not maintain a charge, hold cables in place properly or connect to a computer.
Power Button Repair:
Does your power button no longer click? Does is seem to be recessed and flush with the frame? Does it no longer register a press? Any one of these symptoms will require a repair.
Rear and Front Camera:
If your camera app crashes or freezes, can’t focus or there are blemishes on all your photos.
Headphone Jack Repair:
Damage to your headphone jack may result in loss of all sound from your iPhone. If you have problems plugging in your headphones, If you cannot hear during a phone call.
Ear Speaker Replacement:
If you are having sound distortion during calls or you are having a hard time hearing the other person speak. If you cannot hear the other caller at all.
Loudspeaker & Ringer Replacement:
If your phone no longer rings or the sound is distorted.
Microphone Replacement:
If other callers can’t hear you during a phone call.
Home Button Repair:
If you iPhone does not go back to the home screen or exit an app while pressing the home button.
Volume and Mute Button Repair:
If your volume cannot be adjusted or is adjusts itself without your touching the buttons. If it feels jammed and hard to click. Or if your mute switch no longer works.
Vibrator Repair:
If your iPhone does not vibrate when it’s in silent mode.

iPhone Models

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus