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  • Fantastic service!! Dropped and damaged my iPhone 6...they had it working like new in less than an hour. Very friendly, reasonably priced, great customer service, even took the time to explain what repairs were needed and why.  Hope not to drop my phone again, but will definitely take it back here if I do!
    April G.
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  • Ae Khamsouk repaired my iphone 5 and 5s and did a great job! Hardly took any time and was a pro! Defintely coming here for future accidents!
    Casey Perigo
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  • He was fast, friendly, and very courteous to my daughter and myself. He gave us good advice and quickly fixed her IPhone battery. We were very pleased with the service and his expertise.
    Brent Bagley
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At Central Valley iRepair, we get all kinds of phone repair questions, as well as general questions about how our device repair services work.  Hopefully this list helps you out.  If there are any questions that are not address here, please contact us so we can answer them directly.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1Will I lose my data?
No, you will most certainly will not lose any of your data. We guarantee!
2How long will the repair take?
That mostly depends on the type of repair and model of device, but most of our repairs are same day service.
3My device fell into water, can you save it?
Yes, we can definitely try! We have a very comprehensive water damage clean up process that can bring a device back 85% of the time.
4Can you unlock my phone?
Yes, most phones can be unlocked. Except for devices which are still under contract and/or has a unpaid financing balance.
5My screen is broken, can you recovery my data?
Yes, we have a few options that can recovery data such as contacts, texts, pictures and videos.
6Do you fix other devices other than phones?
Yes, we also fix tablets, iPods and computers.
7Are you open on weekends?
We are open Saturdays, from 12PM-5PM.
8Do you buy or sell phones?
We purchase and also sell used phones, tablets and other devices.
9Is there a guarantee on water damage repairs?
Unfortunately, because of the nature of the damage, we cannot guarantee that your device will work again. But we do have a very high rate of success, using our Ultrasonic cleaning process.
10Do you have a warranty on your parts?
We have a 14 day warranty of all parts.